The Totes Ridictionary: Excerpted in Sunday Times Style Magazine

Balthazar Cohen, Totes Ridictionary, Sunday Times Style

Fame at last! The Totes Ridictionary experiences the giddy thrill of appearing in a national newspaper supplement.

Thrillingly, The Totes Ridictionary was excerpted in the Sunday Times Style magazine’s 29th December 2013 issue, jostling for readers’ attention among pages crammed with celebrities on red carpets and articles about the winsome fabulosity of juice diets. (And yes, being on-trend is every bit as gratifying as Alexa Chung would have us believe.)

Those of you flamboyantly middle-class enough to have a Times subscription can read the sub-edited extravaganza in full here. Look out for some of the tweet-speakin’ pets from The Totes Ridictionary appearing next to Style editor Tiffanie Darke’s letter at the front of forthcoming issues of the magazine.

Also, a grateful shout-out to all the devoted Totes Ridicheads who uploaded shots of their hot pink stocking-fillers to Instagram. You make getting out of bed in the morning that little bit less unbearable.

Now to run a scalding bath, and wash away the stains wrought by such shameless self-promotion.

Totes Ridictionary, Instagram

The Totes Ridictionary revels in an orgy of Instagram-assisted approval.

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