Kate Moss advertises Calvin Klein's Obsession.

“Obsesh” by Calvs Kleinballs.

If you’ve ever experienced the terrible joy of becoming unhealthily fixated on a song, food, film, book, app or person, you know what it is to revel in the throes of an obsesh – which is how overenthusiastic smartphone-fingerers say obsession in the Snapchat age.

Common teenage obseshes include JBiebs, HStyles, and that one from Union J who looks like he has fillers in his cheeks despite barely having passed through puberty. Common adult obseshes include iPhones, infidelity and glacially-paced Scandinavian crime dramas. Obseshes liable to take hold irrespective of the obseshee’s age include Khaleesi from Game of Thrones, Angry Birds and retweeting dog gifs.

“Hmm. Hummingbird cupcakes are totes my new obsesh.”

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