Cersei Lannister (Lena Headey) gives good face.

“Hmm. Me neiths.”

Way back through the turbulent sands of time, before Tumblr or wi-fi even existed, Neith was an Egyptian mother goddess who nursed baby crocodiles and weaved baskets. Because Egyptian mythology was so progressive that all women had to be domesticated, even if they were gods.

Be that as it may, the almighty Neith would no doubt be less than thrilled to learn that her name has latterly been taken in vain, had an s slapped on its tail-end, and is now totes-ridic speak for neither. But in a fast-paced digital world where neither the English language nor HBO’s desire for the internet’s populace to refrain from illegally downloading the shit out of Game of Thrones are sacred, what chance do pre-Biblical deities have?

“You’re not going? Yeah, me neiths.”


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