“Totes brill.”

Arrive at the bar just as happy hour starts? That’s brill. Restaurant forgets to charge you for your main courses? That’s brill. Your boss has two drinks with lunch and decides that everyone can take the rest of the day off? That’s brill.

Brill is – like, totes obvs – short for brilliant. At least in theory. In practice, brill is splattered across Twitter’s bowels with such frequency that it has ceased to mean a great deal. People are liable to describe damn-near anything as brill, even explicitly non-brill stuff – like finally managing to wipe away that annoying stray eyelash, or having a Starbucks barista spell their name correctly on their coffee cup.

So, unless you want to damn with faint praise, perhaps it’s best to stick with amazeballs – it remains the one true means of simulatenously communicating enthusiasm and eradicating dignity. A bit like menthol cigarettes freshening your breath and shortening your life.

“We had a long talk, and she said that she doesn’t completely hate me – it was brill!”

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