Tilda Swinton. Totes devo.

Tilda Swinton was totes devo when Helena Bonham Carter arrived at the Oscars wearing a slightly weirder dress than her.

Devo is the name of a new-wave band formed in the 1970s (whose song “Whip It” has defied the fate of most new-wave music by ageing like a fine wine), means must in Italian, and is now – most importantly for those seeking to effectively tweet wry witticisms at an audience of bored and indifferent office workers – an abbreviation of devastated.

Half the western world’s tween female population would, for example, be totes devo if Harry Styles got married. David Bowie fans everywhere are left devo by the knowledge that he will almost definitely never perform his generation-defining masterpiece “Magic Dance” live. Lady Gaga is totes devo that, no matter how many meat purses or 32-inch heels she throws into the mix, she will never out-eccentric Tilda Swinton, druid high priestess of performance-art pretension.

“Lena Dunham didn’t tweet me back. I’m beyond devo.”

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