Bruce Willis in Pulp Fiction. Dafuq.

“Dafuq you mean you didn’t like A Good Day to Die Hard?”

At the start of a typical Friday night, it’s what the fuck. By your sixth drink, it’s what da fuck. By 3:00am, at around the same time you start tweeting Beyoncé lyrics and searching for the nearest open McDonald’s on your phone, it’s dafuq.

Online, it’s less commonly used than WTF – the prom queen of swiftly expressed surprise/disbelief/contempt. Dafuq often shows up in memes featuring
pissed-off cats or Justin Bieber’s face, and in the tweets of teenagers destined to spend time in prison.

“She was all like, ‘Four and a half minutes is not an adequate length of time.’  And I was like, ‘Dafuq? It totes is.'”

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