James Van Der Beek. Dawson's Creek. Emotional. Emosh. Totes Emosh.

Upon learning that Joey had left him for Tom Cruise, Dawson got totes emosh.

When Bambi’s mother was shot. When Simba’s father was killed in the wildebeest stampede. When Woody realized that a college-bound Andy no longer had any use for his childhood toys. When housewife outlaws Thelma and Louise slammed on the accelerator and drove off that cliff. When Sophie had to make her choice in Sophie’s Choice

You may have described what you felt during such harrowing cinematic moments as “sad”, “tearful” or “overwhelmed”. In fact, what you were feeling was totes emosh – totally emotional. Like a father catching a first glimpse of his newborn child through breath-fogged glass in the maternity ward; or Gwyneth Paltrow balling her eyes out when she won her first and – let’s face it – only Oscar.

When feeling totes emosh, you have a sudden, flickering insight into the beauty and fragility of human existence. Colours seem brighter; sounds clearer; the simple fact of each breath you take nothing short of a miracle. Then you decide that – fuck it – you will get the two-for-one deal on that expensive shampoo you like, and have a cull of all those annoying Facebook friends who keep posting pictures of their children online. Because you know what? You only live once. #Yolo

“He told me that I was the least annoying of all the girls he’s dated in the last six months. It was totes emosh.”   

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