Cray-cray. Crazy. Jack Nicholson. The Shining. "Here's Johnny!"

As cray-cray a man as ever there was, Jack was distinctly unimpressed to learn that his friend request hadn’t been accepted.

Like the people it’s so often used to describe, crazy spent a long time partying, getting messed up, wishing it was somebody else, hoping that one day it could maybe – just maybe – feel okay about being itself; feel comfortable in its own skin.

Tragically, that never happened, and nine months after one particularly wild, uninhibited night in Williamsburg, crazy gave birth to cray-cray – a sass-talkin’ mini-me that technically isn’t even an abbreviation, which soon ingratiated itself into the tweets and Facebook status updates of high-school students the world over.

Things that might have once been referred to as “mental” or “messy” are often identified as cray-cray. For example: any time that an excess of alcohol and/or drugs is likely to be consumed. Or those disenfranchised members of society who view being humiliated on reality television as a viable career option. (Which it of course is.)

“Shit is gonna get cray-cray if that intern doesn’t hurry up with my chai latte.”  

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