Selfie. Self-Portrait. Instagram.

Selfies. You’ll totes regret them later.

If, like everyone else, your fragile self-esteem is measured in Facebook “likes”, and the degree of self-loathing you feel at any given time is directly related to how many retweets your Instagrammed photographs of sunsets receive, then you’ll probably already know the pleasures and pains of the selfie (from the yee olde English, self-portrait).

Back in the dark age of the “MySpace pose”, these photos were usually taken from above with a pixellation-prone camera phone, all the better to highlight those sucked-in cheeks and emo fringes. Now, thanks to the fact that people fancy their iPhones almost as much as themselves – and the forgiving nature of Instagram’s ever-popular “Lo-Fi” filter (better than any Vaseline lens) – the modern selfie commonly involves mirrors, mood lighting, partial nudity and a “Blue Steel” gaze thoughtfully averted from the device you’re pointing at yourself.

“Ugh, don’t use that selfie on your OkCupid profile – you totes look like a dick.”

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